Investing in Climate Diplomacy: A Call To Scale Up

In recent years, human-induced climate change has emerged as one of the most pressing challenges of our time, posing a significant threat to food security and poverty reduction efforts.

Somali Content Creators: A Critical Perspective in the Attention Economy Era

 Digital content creation has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Humans are spending more time on screens than ever before

Social Media Riots: A Rising Threat to Somalia’s Social Cohesion and Communal Harmony

Social media provides a platform for those who have something to say, it is a brilliant networking tool and a remarkably marketplace for ideas.

How Somalia’s Historical and Cultural Sites Are Silently Fading Away

History is a reflection of the past. It decoratively depicts and tells tales that reflect socio-cultural identities.

Making Sense of Somalia’s Monopolised Public Discourse

Freedom of expression without fear of prejudice is paramount for a healthy and functioning society.

Mahbub Mohamed Abdillahi

Mahbub Mohamed Abdillahi is a lecturer, researcher, and independent environmental health and safety consultant. He’s also a staff writer at Gorfayn where he writes about environmental, climate change, social, and cultural issues.