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Somalia at COP28, What Is the Agenda?

The annual global climate summit has commenced this week in Dubai, bringing together leaders from across the world to deliberate on the pressing issues of our time; climate change and its associated crises.

Cancel Culture in Clan-Based Somalia: A Modern-Day Witch Hunt

In the remote and arid town of Gooja’adde, where clan grievances have endured for centuries, a modern battlefield has emerged.

When It Comes to Fighting Al-Shabaab, You Either With Us, or With the Enemy

In the tumultuous landscape of modern-day Somalia, a battle of existential proportions rages on.

Somali Content Creators: A Critical Perspective in the Attention Economy Era

 Digital content creation has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Humans are spending more time on screens than ever before

First Phase of Operation Black Lion: Trouncing Al-Shabaab in Eelbuur and Galhareeri

In the annals of modern history, few conflicts have been as prolonged and challenging as Somalia's battle against al-Shabaab.

How Gaalka’yo Managed To Go From Persistent Troubles to an Oasis of Communal Harmony

Gaalka'yo, the capital city of Mudug region, has served as a beacon of peace and stability for the past six years after successfully overcoming numerous war-related obstacles that repeatedly sprang up during and after the civil war.

Harardheere, Six Months On: How Freedom Transformed a Hopeless City

Harardheere, the historic district in the southern Mudug region of Galmudug, faced immense challenges in the past decade and half under the rule of al-Shabaab, resulting in devastating destruction of historic places, schools, and healthcare centres.

Garowe: Come for a Visit, Stay for the Peace, Tranquillity, and Beauty

Driving through Mogadishu, one is always on a hight alert. If it's not a check point manned by unforgiving soldiers, abusive in both vocal and physical, one is forced to dodge the thousand tuk-tuks that seem to tickle the vehicles around them.

Social Media Riots: A Rising Threat to Somalia’s Social Cohesion and Communal Harmony

Social media provides a platform for those who have something to say, it is a brilliant networking tool and a remarkably marketplace for ideas.

Who Caused the Somali State Collapse? A Chronological Review

As is the norm among societies of war-torn countries recovering from civil wars, questions like “Why did our state collapse?”, “When did the collapse begin?”, and “Who is to blame for it?” often dominate public discourses.