Somalia: Is the Climate Crisis a Hoax?

In the middle of endless debates and opposing opinions on the climate crisis, one question persists: is it all just a hoax?

Foreign Interference Threatens Somalia’s Economic Diversification

In discussions concerning Somalia, it has become cliche to preface with an acknowledgment of the country's enduring struggle with prolonged conflicts spanning the past three decades.

Somali Public Discourse: A Cesspool of Intolerance and Hatred

Since the beginning of the Sool region conflict and the signing of the infamous MoU between Ethiopia and Somaliland, the discourse surrounding Somaliland’s independence has reached unprecedented levels of polarization among Somalis.

Clinging To Power by Any Means Necessary: The Ultimate Ambition of the Somali Politician

The general definition a politician is a person who is actively involved in politics, typically as an elected or an appointed official within a government or a political organisation.

Social Media as a Catalyst for Justice: Empowering Victims in Somalia

The transformative shift in Somalia's socio-technological landscape in recent years has been remarkable, primarily driven by the widespread access to the internet provided by private telecommunication companies.

Going to Morocco: The Latest Somali Social Media Trend Raises Moral Questions

In Somali social media, a new trend emerges every other month, providing endless entertainment.

Elections in Puntland: A Historical Overview

After a tumultuous election year marred by electoral model disagreements that, in  some cases, led to armed clashes, Puntland parliamentarians head to the polls on January 8, 2024.

A Breath of Fresh Air: The Force Behind Mogadishu’s Newfound Security

For the past nine months Mogadishu has seen a noticeably significant improvement in its thus far turbulent security. This is due to a shift in how it's policed.

Somalia at COP28, What Is the Agenda?

The annual global climate summit has commenced this week in Dubai, bringing together leaders from across the world to deliberate on the pressing issues of our time; climate change and its associated crises.

Cancel Culture in Clan-Based Somalia: A Modern-Day Witch Hunt

In the remote and arid town of Gooja’adde, where clan grievances have endured for centuries, a modern battlefield has emerged.